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By - Aug 12, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 60929 Lying in bed, looking at my phone, I couldn’t get that image of my girlfriend’s mother off the screen. To see her covered in my semen meant a lot. Okay, since then it had been awkward, and we both knew it would not happen again – but a photo lasts a lifetime.
It was a week night, and I’d just driven back from work and got back to my Northamptonshire home. I picked up the mail, and sat and listened to the 1571 messages. There was one from Lucy, my girlfriend’s sister. “Jay, if you want to pop over tonight you can do to pick up those golf clubs you want to borrow – up to you, cheers babes”
Could I be bothered to drive the 10miles to collect the golf clubs? I suddenly thought that I had better do – Lucy always liked to have her own way. She worked in a high street fashion store, always wearing the latest trends. She was very attractive. Similar to Steph in personality terms, but not in looks. She was a lot slimmer and more slender than Steph, but had a huge problem with confidence.
I got changed, and drove to her house. When arriving, I always annoyed the two of them by ringing the door bell several times. I wait and she let me in. She was wearing a black FCUK t shirt, with blue jeans, and bare feet.
“Hiya, just come for the clubs Luce”
She waved me in and said “Yeah sure, when you playing then? ”
We conversed about when I was playing golf, and generally passed the time. We had a drink, and the TV was on in the background. Just as I thought about leaving, she stood up. Lucy liked to have everything in its place. She bent over; adjusting the rug on the floor, and her jeans rode down, exposing the top of her thong underneath. As I had mentioned in my previous story, I pretty much knew her underwear collection. When she had lived at home, I had opened the airing cupboard and looked at her underwear. I had even been into her room and rummaged through her underwear draw.
These were a black mesh pair with a little pink box in the middle. For some reason I said
“What is the point in having a bow on the back” to which she replied
“So when I bend over you can see it!”
I went red. She explained that she had known that I looked at her when she bent down for years. I was agog. I didn’t know what to say. She came over and said
“Jay, I didn’t mean to embarrass you honey”
“Its okay, I’ve seen you starkers anyway!”
She enquired about when and how, but couldn’t remember. Then it happened. I don’t know what made me do it, but I did. As she bent over again, I reached out and pulled her thong up to give her a “wedgie”. She laughed, and said
“I’ll have to pick that out my arse now”
Then I reached in to the arse of her jeans, and slid my fingers between her warm, tight pert butt cheeks and pulled it out. She was shocked. I turned to her and she couldn’t believe what I had done – nor could I really. She leant in to my lips. I moved closer and our lips met. She tasted different to Steph or Ali. She was sweeter, and more demanding. She took my hand and led me upstairs to her and Dave’s bedroom.
I walked in and she turned to me. I kissed her some more, tongues dancing, and slowly walked her to the bed. I pushed her back and she fell onto it. I the proceeded to fumble her trousers off and reveal her black panties that I had tried on some 6 months earlier. I recognised that pussy smell too – I’d taken a freshly worn pair from an overnight bag once, and used them as wanking material.
I opened her legs forcefully and lifted the gusset aside, revealing a bald, hairless and tight pussy which was neater then Ali’s and Steph’s put together. She wasn’t as wet as her mother, so I leant in, and smelled her sweet aroma. I proceeded to tongue her clit and open her up to reveal her inner core, so pink and fresh. Her head was going from side to side and I had to get her to cum.
I stood up and dominated her.
“Get those fucking clothes off bitch!”
She did as I requested – to my shock. Naked in front of me, I walked around her, inspecting her body. Her very pert 34 C tits sat perfectly on her frame, and I spanked her white arse. She loved it.
I sat on the bed and “put her over my knee”. I proceeded to open her arse crack and finger fuck her arse: that was my goal today.
I turned her over, holding her by her hair, and she begged
“Do with me as you will, abuse me, Jay”
I opened her mouth and slammed my cock out of my jeans and into her mouth, making her gag and her eyes water. She hated it, and I knew it, but I didn’t care. All the times she had made out she was better: getting the new car first, first to move out, not anymore, she was mine for the fucking.
After around five minuets she was crying. She gagged so much she threw up bile on her floor.
I looked at her bed and she lay on it,
“Legs open!” I shouted, and I undressed and turned her over doggy style. I pushed my cock into her very tight pussy and fucked her hard and fast. This she liked and responded so. In the mirror on the wall I saw everything, and it was my dream, to be fucking my girlfriend’s older sister.
She started to cum, but I wouldn’t allow it, not yet. With my cock so wet in her pussy, I whipped it out and probed her arse hole with it.
“No, Jay, not there” she begged and pleaded
This fell on deaf ears, and I “popped” her arse hole cherry and fucked her hard. The tears flowed, but I knew she loved it. She was reaching under rubbing her clit with all her might. I felt my balls boil up and pulled out, and lay on top of her. This was going to be my next photo opportunity.
I wanked myself off and said
“Open your eyes Lucy” and with that I spurted stream after stream of hot semen on her face, squeezing her breasts hard that it left red marks. It was the best orgasm since her mother. She laid there, a picture of a result of a hardcore sex session; I stood up, grabbed my phone, and took 3 or 4 photos. More for the album, more for my collection I thought.
I dressed, and left her there. As I was leaving, she turned to me and said
“Jay, that was great, hard fast and abusive, and time yeah?”
I replied
“We’ll see Luce, we’ll see”

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