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Tangled Party Supplies - Find Out What You Need To Throw A Really Special Party

Tangled Party Supplies - Find Out What You Need To Throw A Really Special Party

Tangled is the story of Rapunzel finding herself and her way home. It's a story that little girls have come to love. They want to be Rapunzel and have a Tangled themed party.
The movie starts out with an old woman finding an incredibly rare flower that she uses to stay forever young. The queen is pregnant and needs that same flower to be healthy. She gets the flower and has her beautiful daughter, Rapunzel. The old woman comes and tries to use Rapunzel's hair to stay young. It works, but only if the hair isn't cut. So the woman, Mother Gothel, takes Rapunzel away and hides her in a tower for no one to see.
Eighteen years later Rapunzel is itching to get out of the tower and go see the lights that she sees every year from her window. Flynn climbs into her tower and takes her out into the world where Rapunzel finds out who she really is.
For all the parents of the little girls who want to have a Tangled themed party, there are a lot of ideas and plenty of Tangled party supplies available.
One thing that any party needs is things to do. Since one scene in the movie is several little girls braiding Rapunzel's hair with flowers and other pretty things, one good thing to do is to set up a hair do station. Get a lot of inexpensive barrettes, ponytail holders, hair clips and flowers from the dollar store. Let the girls go crazy on each other's hair. Make sure there are mirrors and a camera so the girls can see what they look like.
Another big part of the movie is the tower's painted walls. There are a couple of ways to do this. Some craft stores sell giant rolls of newsprint. You can tape this on your walls and let each girl have her own section to paint. Or you can buy easel pads and let them do it that way.
The lanterns are another important part of the movie. It's easy to decorate your own. You can either buy cheap paper lanterns for them to decorate, or you can use paper lunch bags with little aluminum pie pans under them.
But what's a party without food? There are a lot of ideas for Tangled themed party food. One is to make food that can be made into towers. Let the girls build bagel towers while they eat some Mother Gothel's soup, which is hazelnut, but you could make it be whatever you want. You could also have some angel hair pasta with a white sauce, for Rapunzel's hair. If you serve on skillets, you bring Rapunzel's favorite weapon into it. Another suggestion for food is to have challah, which is a braided bread, and can be dipped into cheese.
Because it's a Disney movie, it is really easy to find Tangled party supplies. You can find them in most party stores. You can buy all the party supplies, or you can buy the basics and add on to them. Some suggestions to add in to the plates, cups and napkins are sparkly invitations, and crowns for the girls to wear.

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